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Our Mission: Christian Urban Ministries is a non-profit Christian organization committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ. Our focus is on lost and hurting people living in the inner city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are especially interested in the young people in our neighborhood.We strive to accomplish this mission by developing long-term mentoring relationships that demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in all our activities.

In 2010 we will be an organization made up of neighborhood small groups. These groups will meet at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, low income housing complexes, and homes through the city.

Our Goals Are:

  • A neighborhood small group for sports ministry
  • Two neighborhood small groups for men
  • Two neighborhood small groups for young single mothers
  • A neighborhood small group for jail ministry

Our Values and Passions

Because we know that God created human beings to live in  community with God and in community with each other; we are passionate about sharing that knowledge in such way that it demonstrates the superior power of God to build such a community.

At Christian Urban Ministries we place the highest value on wisdom. Information is plentiful but wisdom is scarce. Wisdom is far more than knowledge, it is a basic attitude that affects every aspect of life. The foundation of knowledge is to fear the Lord. Faith in God should be the controlling principle for our understanding of the world, our attitudes, and our actions. We are trusting God to make us truly wise.

Contact Information
Contact Person:           Elvis E. Netterville
Telephone:                   260-704-8071
Email:                          enettervil@gmail.com  
Address:                      Christian Urban Ministries Inc.
                                    6610 Laurelwood Cove.
                                    Fort Wayne, IN 46835